On Site Screening

On site Occupational Health

Whether you have an Occupational Health requirement to screen staff, or you simply wish to look after your employees Health & Wellbeing, we have arrange of services which can be provided on site.

Healthwise are able to source a whole host of screening options for you on site, or over multi sites throughout the UK with little disruption to the working day. These can be Occupational based screens, or more personalised to Health & wellbeing screens to include:-

  • Blood profile – diabetes, Red Blood cell tests
  • Vital organ checks – kidney, bacteria, protein, liver, lung function
  • Heart – blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG, Cardio fitness test, Cholesterol,
  • Cancer checks – bowel, prostate, thyroid


Primarily guided in content by results of workplace Risk Assessment, legal obligations (Health and Safety) and good practice, an occupational health surveillance programme will develop a firm medico-legal baseline.

This is particularly helpful in the event of future claims made against the company for alleged work related health problems, e.g. Noise induced hearing loss, Hand/Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVS) (previously known as vibration white finger).

In addition, the programme can go beyond the above requirements and review general health and lifestyle factors of employees or be tailored to your specific needs.

All these aspects can, through the early detection of disease, advice and health education, improve workforce health, providing long-term benefit to the company in terms of the management of sickness absence and civil litigation.

This extends to the provision of Drug and Alcohol tests, Network Rail certification for Personal Track Safety (PTS), etc. Varying medical contents can be offered as part of a screening programme to meet the company's various work place risks.

On site screening

Physical health assessment conducted on-site.

  • Eyesight test to Occupational Health Standard
  • Periphery eyesight and Colour blindness tests
  • Hearing test
  • Lung function tests
  • Skin surveillance
  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)
  • Musculoskeletal review
  • Blood pressure test
  • Medication review
  • Urinalysis for Protein, Glucose & Blood (option)
  • Occupational Health Questionnaire

Additional tests can be performed at an additional cost.


Duration of each Assessment:

30 minutes per person

Reports: (included in the fee)

  • Verbal report at time of assessment
  • Written report to employee
  • Report on fitness / recommendations to the company


In order to minimise disruption to production, only one employee will be assessed at a time. All assessments will be performed by an experienced Occupational Health practitioner on site, all you need to do is provide a private room, a desk and two chairs


Up to 8 employees - £400 per day

Up to 15 employees* - £600 per day

*Maximum of 15 employees can be assessed in one day

Whatever your screening requirements simply contact Healthwise for a no obligation quotation - 01384 456 345


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