Long Term Sick Referrals

Employee issues and concerns

Every company at some stage will have someone off work for one reason or another, or someone at work who is causing you concern. Healthwise has an Occupational Health partner who will provide free advice to our clients on a whole range of topics, which could include:-

  • An employee on long term sick
  • Someone constantly in and out of work due to illness
  • Ill health retirement
  • Concerns about someone’s health
  • Whether they are fit for work

Our Occupational Health provider will discuss your issue with you and offer advice as to what to do next, you then decide whether you wish to proceed further based upon the recommendations.

Long Term Absence

What is Long Term Sickness; although there is no actual definition of "long term sickness" the term is generally recognised to be anything in excess of 20 working days. The way you deal with long term sickness can have a profound effect on your bottom line – ignore it at your peril!!

The longer someone is off work the chances of them returning to work are greatly reduced. Healthwise are able to offer a service enabling an employer to refer employees to an Occupational Physician for an independent medical opinion and advice. This involves consultation and usually a report from the GP or Specialist. This service is ad-hoc – you only pay when you use the service with no upfront charges.

Medical reviews can be conducted throughout the UK. The referral will culminate in a report to the company indicating the likely return-to-work timescales, restriction/modification of duties, application of the Disability Discrimination Act and any appropriate measures that may expedite a return to health and work, and/or determine eligibility for early retirement.

Flu jabs / Inoculations

The main cause of short-term absence for both manual and non-manual workers is minor illness such as colds, flu and stomach upsets.

With an average cost of absence of £595 per employee per year, it is essential to keep your staff - and bottom line - as healthy as possible.

Here to help

Healthwise are able to source on site vaccinations at your office(s) anywhere in the UK or at an approved centre which are both competitive and affordable. Vaccinations do work as the flu vaccination prevents flu in 70 to 90 percent of healthy adults it is one of the safest and cheapest vaccines around, takes just a few minutes to administer and offers protection for one year.

As the Winter grows nearer it is important that you book your flu jabs early to avoid disappointment,  often the providers get booked up quickly and supplies can run short. 

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