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Health Assessments change lives for the better 

A Health Assessment is a great way of checking your state of health with a range of tests and examinations giving you tools to positive lifestyle changes. You might choose to have a health assessment because of a specific health concern, or you may like to improve your health. Health checks will be carried out by trained health advisers and nurses. The great thing about health assessments is that they are part of a 12-month health and wellbeing plan, and the providers will walk the journey with you for the whole year. This includes access to helpful apps, personalised coaching, and information tailored to your own health, lifestyle and goals that aim to make you feel better all over – in body and mind.

As a business owner it makes sense to screen your key employees as without them it would impact on your business. Its particularly important if you send employees abroad on business, as a Health Screen will ensure they don’t travel with known medical issues which could deteriorate whilst overseas, creating all sorts of issues & problems for them & you.

Healthwise has teamed up with BUPA & Nuffield to offer discounts off the normal price of a range of Health Assessments. 

Simply email us to discuss your specific requirements - admin@healthwisegroup.co.uk

BUPA Health screening options HERE

What happens at a BUPA Health Screen click HERE 

Rates applicable for Health Screens up to 31/12/21 with two or more employees.

Health Assessment Standard rate Healthwise Rates
Be.Ahead £840 £653
Be.Ahead with Mammography £949 £762
Be.Reassured £650 £506
Be.Reassured with Mammography £759 £615
Health Mature £705 £548
Health Mature with Mammography £814 £657
Be.Ready £450 £350
Female Health £384 £299

Female Health with Mammography















  1. Lifestyle - £230
  2. Female - £291
  3. 360 - £487
  4. 360+ £648


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80% of customers change their habits as a result - which could mean they'll live healthier, happier, longer...

  • Tailored to you

  • Simple booking service

  • Ensure you remain in the best of health

  • 365 support service

  • Option to cover additional tests - Colon, Coronary, Fitness

  • Screens are arranged to be COVID compliant

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If you require any help with your Bupa and Nuffield Health Screening needs, please feel free to call us on 01384 456 345. Alternatively, you can use our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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