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As we return to work from the pandemic its highly likely that your staff will need more Health & Wellbeing support than ever before. Staff are likely to return to work with Back, Neck and joint problems, as well as Mental Health & Dental issues. A Cash Plan is a low cost solution to overcome many of the challenges staff will face when they return to work.

If you want to show employees that you really care about their Health & Wellbeing, then a Cash Plan is an ideal tool to do just that. More importantly, it will not break the bank.

We sell lots of Cash Plans and employees love this benefit as they can claim from Day 1 for everyday healthcare costs such as Dental, Optical & Therapies.

During the pandemic Cash Plans proved a great asset, giving staff access to a remote GP and prescription service, Mental Health support and virtual specialist consultations.  

For just over £1 per employee per week, you can start to manage absenteeism and reduce time off work for short term illness. No more lengthy delays waiting to see a GP, prompt access to specialist consultations & treatment means an early return to work and a return on your investment. Take a look at the document below - "How to improve staff moral and reduce absenteeism"

So to cover 10 staff you are looking at just over £500 per annum.

Following the pandemic, the wait for many NHS services is going to be long as they play catch up on treatment, this policy will help support your staff on the road to recovery. 

Cash Plans fit nicely into the employee benefits package and enables employers to provide benefits to those employees that may not be fortunate enough to have the benefit of Private Health Insurance. One of the common problems we face is the delay to see a GP, that problem has been resolved with an online GP service so that you can gain an early diagnosis and receive treatment far more quickly. All you do is book an online consultation via your phone/tablet/computer; the GP can even prescribe medication to be collected locally.

Healthwise are experts on Cash Plans, simply contact us for a no obligation quotation. We will not only provide a range of options, but we will also help roll out the policy to your employees to ensure that from Day 1, they gain the most from it and more importantly you see a return on the investment.

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Low cost health cover that wont break the bank

  • Dental cover - typically £60

  • Optical cover - typically £60

  • Cover for therapies - typically £160

  • Cover for consultation & scans - £200

  • Dental Accident - £180

  • Chiropody - £60

  • Private GP & Prescription service

  • 24hr stress line & Face to Face Counselling

  • Worldwide benefit included

  • Simple to set up, no paperwork for employees

  • Cover from Day 1 , no medical exclusions

  • Children covered free in some cases

  • Typically less than 1% of payroll

  • Minimum group size 3, no maximum

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  • How to reduce absenteeism & improve staff moral.

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If you require any help with your Cash Plans needs, please feel free to call us on 01384 456 345. Alternatively, you can use our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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