Aviva healthcare - financial support and Digital GP update

Aviva healthcare - financial support and Digital GP update

Aviva healthcare has today announced a number of changes to its Health insurance proposition with updated services, financial support for clients struggling to pay the premiums as well as a new private GP provider.

Aviva healthcare had already made a pledge to undertake an independent audit of its healthcare portfolio to see if it has financially gained as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. It has today further announced that its going to write to all SME and Consumer Healthcare clients next week to offer up to a three month payment holiday for those struggling to pay the premiums. The premiums will have to be paid back after the three month holiday, it will however give clients some much needed breathing space. 

This just goes to show that insurers are doing the right thing and are willing to support clients during these challenging times.


Aviva has also announced that from the end of May 2020 it will be changing its Digital GP service to Square Health. The private GP & prescription service is proving a great asset during the COVID-19 outbreak, as you don’t even need to leave home to see a Doctor. 

Below are details of how to register along with FAQ sheet.     

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the updates, or how to access a payment holiday (Personal and SME clients only).

We extend this facility not just to our clients but anyone else looking for some help or assistance

Digital GP - how to register https://www.healthwiseltd.co.uk/uploads/downloads/Aviva%20Digital%20GP%20how%20to%20register_838195.pdf

Digital GP FAQ


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